Monday, February 27, 2012

Smell the Rainbow

This isn't a blog entry about synaesthesia, although that might be something we talk about in a different post. This is an entry about the rainbow mug collection.

The saying is that it takes a lot of beer to make wine. It also takes a lot of coffee. I find that lab work and the morning go together well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a magical happy scene surrounding the morning caffeine.

This mug is the mug that started it all--unicorn, rainbow, cloud stage left, squirrel, rabbit, turtle, frog, butterflies, bird, and even a little snail. Violets, too! The grass is even pointing toward the unicorn if you didn't notice.

A stunning example of the genre, here. I think if I were doing a rainbow mug I would make sure that there was some optical flaw just so no one would take it seriously. I mean, it's about fun! The rainbow is making two separate arcs and there are clouds in front and behind it--can that happen? Whatever. Balloons aren't usually surrounded with gold borders!

This mug heralded the coming of the 1980s with cursive and rainbows. The order of colors is right, at least, unlike this next mug.

Graphically spectacular, and it's inside out. Any rainbow with the red line on the inside is pretty good.

And here are a bunch of others in the collection:

Help us make great wine by bringing us great rainbow mugs! We'll give you $2 off your next purchase for any rainbow mug you bring.

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